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Produce (Passover)

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Showing 1 - 36 of 41 products

Showing 1 - 36 of 41 products
Bananas Bunch (minimum 5 bananas)
Yellow Onions 2 lbs Bag
Small Sweet Potato (yam) 1 ct
Red Pepper  1 ct
Kosherkart Red Pepper 1 ct
Sale price$0.89
Carrots 16 oz bag
Kosherkart Carrots 16 oz bag
Sale price$0.99
Celery 16 oz bag
Kosherkart Celery 16 oz bag
Sale price$2.19
Lemons (loose)
Kosherkart Lemons (loose)
Sale price$0.49
Grape Tomatoes 1 Dry Pint
Romaine Hearts 3 ct Bag
White Button Mushrooms  8 oz
Idaho (Russet) Potatoes 5 lbs Bag
Garlic Bulb 1ct
Kosherkart Garlic Bulb 1ct
Sale price$0.69
Hothouse Cucumber
Kosherkart Hothouse Cucumber
Sale price$3.19
Green Beans 1 lb
Kosherkart Green Beans 1 lb
Sale price$2.99
Idaho Potatoes (loose)
Fresh Parsley
Kosherkart Fresh Parsley
Sale price$1.99
Granny Smith Apples (loose)
Limes (loose)
Kosherkart Limes (loose)
Sale price$0.29
Green Pepper  1 ct
Kosherkart Green Pepper 1 ct
Sale price$0.89
Yukon Gold (Yellow) Potatoes 5 lbs Bag
Kosherkart Zucchini
Sale price$0.79
Fresh Dill
Kosherkart Fresh Dill
Sale price$1.99
Parsnips (Loose)
Kosherkart Parsnips (Loose)
Sale price$0.69
Brussels Sprouts 1 Pint
Yellow Squash
Kosherkart Yellow Squash
Sale price$0.79
Radish Bunch
Kosherkart Radish Bunch
Sale price$1.49
Fresh Kale Greens
Kosherkart Fresh Kale Greens
Sale price$2.19
Vidalia Onions (loose)
Bag of Garlic
Kosherkart Bag of Garlic
Sale price$1.99
Fresh Asparagus
Kosherkart Fresh Asparagus
Sale price$4.19
Fresh Curly Parsley
Red Cabbage
Kosherkart Red Cabbage
Sale price$2.99
Kosherkart Scallions
Sale price$0.69
Fresh Mint Leaves
Kosherkart Fresh Mint Leaves
Sale price$2.49
Fresh Cilantro
Kosherkart Fresh Cilantro
Sale price$2.19
Green Cabbage
Kosherkart Green Cabbage
Sale price$1.99

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